Yon Ka Facials

Yon-Ka facials are a luxurious, high performance treatment that works to rediscover your body’s own ability to regenerate, restoring the natural balance and harmony essential to radiant skin. Harnessing the wealth of beneficial effects from essential oils, a base of lavender, cypress, rosemary, geranium and thyme create Yon-Ka’s signature distinctive sense awakening aroma. Uplifting and invigorating even before the treatment begins.

Blending nature’s gentle power with proven scientific results, the Yon-Ka approach deeply purifies whilst stimulating vital energy for a lasting, refreshed sensation. Each personalised therapy uses signature techniques to comfort and repair, massaging luminous tone into the skin to leave it soft and glowing with renewed health.

A range of Yon-Ka facials has been developed to meet specific skin requirements: from brightening hydration to smoothing anti-age. We provide a consultation to ensure a treatment that will perfectly suit your individual needs, taking pleasure in providing this heavenly, beyond beauty ritual.