FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions & Information


I have never had a facial before, where do I begin?
This depends upon your skin type, age and your specific concerns. It is always best to either come in for a free consultation to discuss your needs or to phone up and speak to our experienced therapist Harriet. If you are unsure, the Yon Ka signature facial Le Grande Classic can be tailored to any skin type and is an excellent starting point.


What is the difference between hot wax and strip wax?
Hot wax is used to treat sensitive areas of the body. It is applied thickly and when it has cooled down and hardened it is then removed. The benefit of this is that it is less traumatic to the skin, causes less hair breakage and ingrown hairs. Strip wax is applied thinly to an area and is then removed using a paper strip; this is suited for less dense hair growth and for larger areas.

Why is Lycon wax a less painful treatment?                 
The application of specifically formulated treatment oil on the area provides a barrier protecting the skin. This allows the wax to shrink wrap around the hair so the skin is not pulled.

How long should my hair be?
For areas to be treated with hot wax the hair can be as short as 1mm and for strip wax 2mm. Everyone has their own hair growth cycle, but generally I am able to wax areas with hot wax a week after the last shave. For larger areas such as legs and arms a period of three weeks is recommended.  Don’t worry if an area has not been waxed or shaved for a while as I am able to trim the hair to the correct length for waxing.

What types or styles of bikini waxing do you offer?

Basic – The hair is removed from the top and sides of the bikini area.
G-string - as above but taken in further on the inside and on the top.
Brazilian - all the hair is removed from underneath and from on the area between the buttocks. A small landing strip is left on the front (as thin or wide as you like).
Hollywood – all hair removed..

I recommend for all treatments that the paper knickers provided are worn for hygiene reasons and to protect your underwear. For Brazilian and Hollywood waxes it is best if you don’t wear knickers. If you feel uncomfortable doing this then you can wear paper underwear, but please allow for a slightly longer treatment time.  

Can I still have a bikini wax if I am on my period?
This is not a problem; please make sure you apply a fresh tampon prior to treatment and that the string is tucked in.

Can I be waxed if I am pregnant?
Yes, Lycon products are safe to use whilst pregnant.

Is it painful?
Everyone has a different pain threshold, however over a period of time treatments should become less uncomfortable as hair growth becomes sparser. This elite wax has been specifically formulated to help minimise discomfort alongside an expert waxing technique.

How long will areas be hair free for?
It is normal to experience a small amount of re-growth after the first time of waxing. It generally takes four wax treatments for a hair growth cycle to be established, although this will vary from one person to another. It is recommended to have a four week gap between treatments to remain hair free.  

Will there be any discomfort afterwards?
Any discomfort should be minimised due to the high quality wax used and correct application. After the treatment care is taken to make sure all wax residue is removed and soothing after care products are applied. There will be none of the stickiness associated with strip wax as this is not used for treating sensitive areas.

Now I’ve been waxed, what next?
Wear loose clothing
Do not apply perfumed products for 12-24 hours.
Do not apply deodorant for 12-24 hours.
Do not have a hot bath or shower for 12-24 hours.
Do not use a sun bed, sunbathe or have a tanning treatment 12-24 hours.
Avoid touching the area
Avoid sexual activity for 12-24 hours.
Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools for 12-24 hours.
Avoid any sport, gym or exercise for 12-24 hours.

Please note: Some soreness, redness and small bumps can be a common temporary reaction, which should subside within 24-48 hours. This is most likely to occur if it’s your first wax. If you have any queries regarding this, then please call the salon.


Is there anything I need to do prior to a spray tan?
Make sure that any waxing, shaving and exfoliating are carried out 24 hours before treatment. It is important to use an oil-free moisturiser so there are no uneven patches. Just before the spray tan please ensure that make-up, deodorant and moisturisers have been removed so there is not a barrier on the skin.

What should I wear?
After the tan has been applied it is best to wear loose dark clothing, this will minimise the risk of marks being left.  Bras and shoes can be problematic, so if possible try to keep your bra off and wear open shoes.

Is there anything I should avoid?
Do not shower or bathe for six hours after treatment, for best effect leave on overnight before showering and taking care to pat dry.
Do not shave for 12 hours.
Do not waxing until the tan has faded.
Avoid swimming, Jacuzzis, hot baths and showers.

What if I want a deeper tan?
Xen-Tan works with your skin tone to produce an olive tan. Intensifier drops can be added to produce a darker tone. A second application within three days will extend and deepen the tan.


How do I maintain my tan?
Keeping your skin well moisturised helps to promote an even tan. Avoid moisturisers containing AHA’s, oils and sodium sulphate as this will cause premature fading. Lightly exfoliating after four days helps to maintain an even tan. Tan extenders like Transform and Transform Luxe are great ways to prolong your tan.



What is threading?
Threading is a hair removal method that has been used for centuries. Facial hair is removed quickly and precisely from areas of the face by creating loop of thread that picks up the out hair and pulls it out by the root. It is the best alternative to waxing and tweezing, especially for sensitive skins. 

Why is it a good option?
Because it is less traumatic to the skin, it is ideal for sensitive areas. It is also more precise, achieving a better shape for the eyebrows.  Very short hairs can be removed by this method; this reduces the period of having re-growth.

Will I feel any discomfort?
Threading feels similar to tweezing or waxing.

Do I need to de any preparation before my treatment?
If you are looking to change the shape of your brows or if they have been over plucked it is best to let them grow for about two weeks prior to treatment; this will allow me to see the natural shape of your brows.



What happens during an eyelash tint?
Before the treatment can take place a patch test must be carried out at least 24 hours prior to the service. Any eye make-up is removed and the look you want to achieve is discussed. The lower and upper eyelid is protected by a thinly applied layer of Vaseline and a cotton pad is placed on the lower lid. At this point you your eyes need to remain closed as the tint is applied to the lashes. Whilst this develops you shall receive a complementary hand and arm massage. The tint is then removed with a damp cotton wool pads. A Yon Ka eye cream/gel is then applied at the end of the treatment to restore the eyes. 



How can I extend the life of my manicure?
By keeping your hands protected whilst doing any house work. Applying Jessica Brilliance to the nails every third day helps to maintain the shine and prevent chipping. A Jessica treatment base coat can be used instead of this as required.


How do I look after my GELeration mani/pedi?

Never try to peel or pick off gel as this can cause damage to your nail.
It is advisable to return to the salon to have them soaked off.
To keep the nails healthy it is important to apply Jessica Phenomen cuticle oil at night.
Do not use your nails as tools.



Flip Flops
Please bring a pair of flip flops with you to wear after the treatment, disposable ones can be provided but they are not very sturdy.

How can I maintain my pedi at home?
The nail varnish can be maintained by applying Jessica Brilliance as required. To keep the skin smooth it is important to moisturise the feet at night.  Jessica Pampered Soufflé exfoliates as it moisturises. To restore dry, cracked heels apply the Intense Heel Repair Crème containing Shea Butter, Papain and Vitamin E.