Spray Tan Options: Xen -Tan & Fake Bake

Xen Tan
Full body - £27
½ Body - £18

Fake Bake
Original and Darker
Full Body - £27
½ Body - £18

60 Minutes Spray Tan – express spray tan

Gold Spray Tan
Full Body - £30
½ Body - £20

Is there anything I need to do prior to a spray tan?

Make sure that any waxing, shaving and exfoliating are carried out 24 hours before treatment. It is important to use an oil-free moisturiser so there are no uneven patches. Just before the spray tan please ensure that make-up, deodorant and moisturisers have been removed so there is not a barrier on the skin.

What should I wear?
After the tan has been applied it is best to wear loose dark clothing, this will minimise the risk of marks being left.  Bras and shoes can be problematic, so if possible try to keep your bra off and wear open shoes.

Is there anything I should avoid?
Do not shower or bathe for six hours after treatment, for best effect leave on overnight before showering and taking care to pat dry.
Do not shave for 12 hours.
Do not wax until the tan has faded.
Avoid swimming, Jacuzzis, hot baths and showers.

What if I want a deeper tan?
Xen-Tan works with your skin tone to produce an olive tan. Intensifier drops can be added to produce a darker tone. A second application within three days will extend and deepen the tan.

How do I maintain my tan?
Keeping your skin well moisturised helps to promote an even tan. Avoid moisturisers containing AHA’s, oils and sodium sulphate as this will cause premature fading. Lightly exfoliating after four days helps to maintain an even tan. Tan extenders like Transform and Transform Luxe are great ways to prolong your tan.