LVL Lashes - £60.00

The LVL Lashes treatment gives length, volume and lift to your own lashes for a youthful, wide-eyed

effect. No false extensions are required so the look is naturally beautiful, with the process taking

around 45 minutes.* **

*Please not that a patch test must be carried out a minimum of 24 hours prior to treatment.

**Contact lenses must be removed before the treatment, so either bring spares with you or wear

your glasses.


What does LVL stand for?

LVL stands for length, volume and lift.

What does this treatment involve and why is it different to a traditional lash perm?

The lashes are laid back onto silicone pads which gently cover the eye lids.

A unique gel formula is then applied to the lash base only to create lift from the root whilst protecting the ends.

Old methods used a rod to curl, whereas LVL Lashes work to smooth and straighten, preventing lashes

curling back onto themselves and frizzing.

The lashes are then treated with a volumising fix whilst on the silicone pads. Then there is the option

of a colour boost to further elongate the lashes. A final conditioning boost of LVL Lash Serum is

applied for nourishment and growth, with results lasting for up to six weeks depending on your lash


Is the LVL application painful?

No, clients often find the treatment relaxing as they can lie back and close their eyes.

Is the treatment suitable for everyone?

No its not, if you have experienced a reaction to the patch test, are currently wearing lash extensions

or have very fine brittle eyelashes.

I have downwards-pointing eyelashes, can I have this treatment?

Yes you can, this treatment can provide lift to downward pointing lashes.

What maintenance is involved?

None, as this treatment works with your own natural lashes there are no regular infill appointments

with this treatment, or the need to have them removed.

Can I have lash extensions after this treatment?

Yes you can. LVL treatments are particularly good for people that have downward pointing lashes.

Lash extensions can cause this type of lash to drop, therefore LVL can provide the essential lift that is

needed before lash extensions are applied.

There must be a 48 hour minimum gap between having this treatment to allow the lashes to settle

before having extensions applied.