GELeration Manicures and Pedicures

GELeration’s gel formula provides a long lasting, polished finish that protects the nails. 
True to Jessica’s founding philosophy, GELeration has been developed with the long term health of the natural nail in mind, so the process is kind to nails.
Even weak, broken or bitten nails are given a new lease of life.
It’s perfect as an ongoing manicure solution or to provide temporary support to help problem nails grow.



GELeration File & Polish - £30
GELeration manicure - £37

GELeration mini pedicure - £30
GELeration pedicure - £42

Removal and Repairs

Removal prior to nail service - £6
Glitter/Swarovski Nail art - £1+ per nail
Removal, nail tidy and treatments - £22
Nail repair per nail - £6
Soak off - prior to nail treatment - £5
Soak off with nail treatment - £10


Nail Treatments

Jessica - Manicures & Pedicures

For those who are serious about improving their natural nails, Jessica provides a nail care range that treats specific nail conditions.
What sets it apart are the advanced product formulations and the treatment procedures.
Jessica Zen Spa Pedicure Eastern and Western philosophies combine to create a luxurious treatment for the feet, rejuvenating and revealing healthier, softer skin.

Prices (Subject to change)

File and varnish - £16
Mini manicure - £24
Classic manicure - £32
Deluxe manicure - £38

File and varnish - £18
Mini pedicure - £26
Classic ZenSpa Pedicure - £38
ZenSpa Deluxe Pedicure - £47